TV is Pretty Good These Days

Game of Thrones is not my favorite television show.  Unlike the majority of viewers, I don’t think it’s the greatest show ever.  I don’t even think it’s the best show on HBO, although now that The Leftovers is done maybe it is.

Every once in a while though, they air an episode that justifies all of the hype.  Without spoiling anything, the episode that aired last night was one of those episodes.  One of the few criticisms you hear about the show is that they seem to set up huge things and then never pay them off.  Last night payed off two gigantic possibilities that were originally setup in the first season, over six years ago.  They paid it off big time.  I just watched it for the second time because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Wow.  If this is good TV, then TV is pretty good these days.  Game of Thrones: 64 episodes down, nine to go.


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