My in laws left on their trip to the United Kingdom last night and they have landed safely.  We were supposed to be going with them, but there were some scheduling hiccups and some other things that required us to stay home.  I am glad they are still going though, it’s going to be a great trip.

They will be going to Liverpool and I have a very strong feeling that while in the city they are going to meet a Beatle.  There is an annual Beatles celebration happening while they will be there and Paul has been known to show up.  Ringo, I hear, is less likely to make an appearance.  Unfortunately though… my intuition is telling me that if they meet a Beatle… it’s going to be Pete Best.  I hope he doesn’t ask them for money or anything like that.

Have a great trip, Charlotte and Sherman!


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  1. codycote2 · August 14

    We are having a great trip already!! Went into London today and walked and walked and walked some more. The highlight was riding the London eye which was awesome. I now have blisters on both feet and Sherms back and knee are killing him, but it’s worth it. Got back to hotel & each had a cocktail at the bar so we’ll probably sleep good tonight! Tomorrow it’s back on the tube to Westminster where we’ll see Buckingham palace & the Tower Bridge. Don’t know when Abbey Road will come in. Playing it by ear so far!


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