Happy Straturday. Yes, my nerd roots run deep. So very deep.


New Favorite Youtube Playlist

I stumbled across this masterpiece last night.  It’s my new favorite youtube playlist.  Here’s hoping the whole playlist embeds into the post!

Weigh in Day

We are about to leave for our weekly Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in.  I am close to a milestone.  I’d really like to reach it today.  If I don’t, that’s okay too… but I’d really like to reach it today.

Fingers crossed.

Addendum: I didn’t hit my milestone. I actually gained the same amount I needed to lose. No big deal. I’ll get it next week.

My wife though… she had an epically great week. I’m so proud of her!

High School Musical

Tonight was the opening night for my step kids’ 2018 High School Musical (no relation to the Disney movies).  Step daughter was in the chorus and had a couple of lines.  Her character’s name?  Adult.  Step son was in the pit band playing percussion.


The play was a lot of fun. There are two more showings tomorrow and then a couple more next weekend. I hope to see them all.

Rest In Peace

We live in a time when Western society seems to be making the conscious choice to be ignorant and stupid. As bad as things seem, now we have to live in a world that doesn’t have our smartest human. What the hell are we going to do now?

Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking.