Patio Music

I am getting sick.  Coughing, stuffy head, weak.  This sucks.  I still cooked dinner for Jen and the kids on the grill on the patio.  It was gorgeous out.  An absolutely ridiculously beautiful evening.  Being outside cooking dinner made me want to stay outside.  So I did something I’ve been wanting to do since the minute I started putting the patio furniture.


I kept the amp on two. Had I cranked it, the pool party down the street wouldn’t have been able to hear their hip hop karaoke.

I gotta say though. The strat’s neck pickup played direct into the Deluxe Reverb with nothing but some reverb… damn that sounded sweet.


I just ran a few errands in Salem, NH.  I can’t believe what I saw.  I mean… the stupid on the roads.  Just… the stupid on the roads is just terrifying.  Every road I drove on had someone doing something unimaginably stupid.  My fav was the person who decided to drive on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic, in order to avoid a red light.

The stupid… please don’t let it be contagious.


Argh!!  The Gear Acquisition Syndrome is out of control!

The desire… nay, physical need to own a v1 Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal clone is tearing my soul apart.

The version one muffs are nicknamed Triangles because the three knobs were arranged in a triangle shape.  Can you believe it?  In my youtube researching, as well as some good ol’ Googlein’, I think it’s the best version of the circuit ever.  If I’m going to shell out dough on a clone, it’s going to be a triangle.

Or the early Russians which are also cool.  Or the mid-70’s op amp designs that made the second Smashing Pumpkins record sound so epically awesome.

Argh!!  The Gear Acquisition Syndrome is out of control again!


Yesterday I started work in one building.  It was not the building that has my desk.  Around lunch time I drove back to my building.  I stopped to get some grub on the way.  I parked in the basement of the garage.  Walked up the stairs.  Walked out into the driveway. Went in through the revolving door.  Walked down the hall. Took the elevator to the top floor. Sat down at my desk. Logged onto my computer.

And realized my glasses were still in the car.

I do so hate being stupid.