Hello from Baltimore


Huzzah! Arumdel Mills, MD

Honeymoon Day Five

Some changes in plans today. Yesterday we spent 12 hours driving too,
visiting, and driving back from Washington. Jen still isn't feeling
100% so we are going to take it easier today.

First we are going to maybe visit a walk in clinic to make sure that
Jen's sore throat isn't strep, then we are going to see the Chesepeke
Bay… I probably spelled that wrong. We may also visit Baltimore but
more likely we'll check out Annapolis.

I have uploaded over 1000 new pictures onto Jen's Macbook. Probably
1/5 of them will find their way to Flickr in the comming days.

Tomorrow we plan to go back to DC for another Smithsonian or two and
hopefully back to the capital with, if we can find Congresswoman
Tsongas' office, a gallery pass.