Did I spell that right?

We just went to a butcher/grocery store in Salem, NH called McKinnons. We’re going to be eating the most ridiculously awesome steaks ever for weeks.



2/3 of you break lights are out. Come on dude, get them fixed before
someone rear ends you.

Release Form

Our broker tried talking them into actually following the agreement they made and they told him they would rather lose the sale then deal with the pressure we’re putting on them.

So we found the perfect house, agreed to buy it at the seller’s price, and then had one day to enjoy the huge step we were taking in our life together only to have it pulled out from under us by sheer stupidity and amateurism and childishness.

They want a plumber to check the bathroom before the inspection? Our broker told them he could have one there in 20 minutes and they said no. They had a friend they wanted to take care of it and he couldn’t do it for a few days.

They couldn’t deal with the pressure we were putting on them to stick to the agreements they made last fucking night.

The hell with them.


Remember all the excitement from the last 18 hours or so?

All that “we’re really buying this house” excitement?

Gone. Every last bit of it.

They told our broker that we can’t have the inspection done because they’ll be in New York and don’t want anyone in their house without them. Also, they want to have a plumber look at the upstairs bathroom before our inspection because they are not sure it works.

They actually said that.

Friday Update – Progress

Well here’s what happened…

Yesterday our offer expired at 5:00pm and we hadn’t heard anything. We wrote the deal off as dead and started trying to move on.

At 5:17 Jen got a call from our broker. He said the reason we didn’t hear by 5:00 was he was on the phone with the seller, not the seller’s agent, and was answering basic questions about selling a house. For example, he said he was asked how one goes about getting their last water bill. Huh? Our sellers are more clueless than we thought.

But, we set a deadline and they got in ahead of the deadline so we went to visit the broker last night and sign off on the offer. The inspection is Saturday afternoon, the Purchase and Sale agreement deadline is next Friday, and the closing date is June 25th. Please please please please let everything go smoothly from here on out.

Jen and I bought a house. I am so excited I’m going to hurl!