Living Room Redux

A couple of weeks ago Jen and I were casually talking about how big the sectional couch in the living room was. It’s big enough to sit 5 adults and it takes up all of one wall in our living room and half of another. It’s a really nice couch. It’s a really BIG nice couch.

We talked a little bit about maybe getting a new one. At the time it was a casual conversation. Two weeks and a trip to IKEA, Bernie and Phyl’s furniture, a couple of stops in wal-mart, and a quick visit to Bed Bath and Beyond later and we have a completely redesigned living room. The only things left are the two floor to ceiling lights, one of the end tables, my uncle’s reclining chair, my other uncle’s wall clock, and our awesome hi-def television.

At IKEA we bought a new television stand, a huge book case, four sets of DVD shelves, some nice new lights, and a side board. At Bernie and Phyl’s we bought a new couch and a table to fit behind the new couch. Wal-mart chipped in with curtains, a rug, and another light… of the lava variety, and Bed Bath and Beyond supplied a table runner for the side board… and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.

The TV moved from the bay windows to the opposite wall, the one the sectional completely filled. The couch and the couch table moved to the bay windows which lets us actually reach two of the windows that were previously blocked off. The recliner moved from next to the door to beside the opposite window. The DVDs surround the TV stand, and the book case takes up some of the space formerly covered by the sectional.

We’re really happy with how it looks. There might be further tweeks. Jen isn’t 100% happy with the new rug, and neither of us are all that thrilled with the table runner. We’re going to live with them for a while and see if they grow on us. Partly because we’re both so beat from working our asses off on this project, and because we want to do similar things with the kids’ rooms, our bedroom, and the office.

Here are some pictures. In my usual dork mode I took too many. First I got all the angles without using the camera flash, then I took most of the same angles with the flash. (As always, click the images to see the Flickr pages where you can click the all sizes button and then click the link called original and see the full sized images.)

I hope you like it.

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 007

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 013

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 014

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 015

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 017

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 001

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 002

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 003

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 004

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 005

2009-07-15 - Living Room Redux 006


Day Off

I took a vacation day and even though it’s only 6:53am I am liking it.

A couple of pieces of furniture are scheduled to be delivered between 10 and 2. After that we might be driving to Connecticut.

I am sore from head to toe but I won’t complain about it. These have been a very domestically adventurous couple of days and I have enjoyed it very much.

If all goes well there will be pictures today.

Just a Thought

When I was much younger I had a job that required me to do a lot of maintenance work on floors. One major task was to strip all of the wax off of a tiled floor, mop a sealer onto it, and then once it was dry mop on a few new coats of wax. Fortunately for me, any time I was working on a project like that the only other people in the building at the time were the people who were working with me. No random people would be walking on the floor as we worked on it.

I’ve never worked with carpets before. Also I have never worked on a floor in a high traffic area like an office building. Because of this I cannot draw on personal experience when giving advice to people who carpet office buildings.

However, I think it might be a good idea for people in the office building carpeting industry that maybe, and I just say maybe, if you pull up a carpet on a floor that has a lot of traffic and then apply an industrial carpeting adhesive to the floor you might, and I just say might, want to put up some caution signs to keep people’s wives from walking onto the adhesive covered floor and in turn prevent people’s wives from falling over and slamming their knees onto the floor while simultaneously dropping an arm full of things which are then rendered ruined by the copious amounts of industrial carpeting adhesive they land on.

Just a thought, you fucking morons.

The wife in question is all right but her knee is swollen and her pride is bruised and I hope the idiots working on the floor get hit by trucks tonight. Assholes.

The Living Room Redesign Continues

Another day another new pile of furniture in the living room.

Last night Jen, in her incredibleness, surprised me by putting together the last of the new DVD shelves and bringing all the cables over to the new TV stand. She’s incredible.

That’s when the nastiness started. She tried to slide the TV stand a few inches to the right and BAM! two pieces came undone. I went over IKEA’s somewhat cryptic instructions and checked the components in question pretty thoroughly and we did not seem to do anything wrong. We just happened to have two pieces of one of the front shelves (which also make up part of the support for the TV stand itself) come undone a little.

The question stood: Do we put it back together or do we replace it. After some soul searching and a little arguing and some nerves and some general pissed-off-at-the-TV-stand-ness we decided to fix it. It went back together pretty easily and is holding fine. I even put most of my excessive weight on it and it didn’t wiggle or wobble or anything. We put it into place and ran all the necessary cables through it and decided to make a new house rule: If the TV stand needs to be moved, two people have to move it together and it must be lifted off the ground, not dragged. Of course 10 minutes later we discovered the Playstation 3 didn’t fit on the shelf and we needed to rearrange some of the cables… which meant moving the damn thing again. It went fine. No problems. No wiggles or wobbles. The TV is currently sitting on it and all seems to be well.

I’m gonna keep an eye on it though.

Next we put everything into the place it’s going to stay until we move out of chez-duplex and bolted it all to the walls. Then we moved our massive DVD collection to the new shelves. I was a bad worker and snuck a blu-ray onto the newly moved TV. Rush – Snakes and Arrows Live. What can I say, I like music while I redecorate.

About that time Jen had to go to the back room to get ready for work. She was on call last night starting at 10:30. Usually her on calls last an hour or so. Last night was more like three. It gave me time to move the books to the new book case and bring the old book case, the old TV stand, and one end table that is no longer of any use out to the street in the hopes that some one will take them. That some one may be the weekly trash pick up, but if it’s a random passerby then that’s cool with us too.

We still have one more IKEA item to put together. It’s a big side board that will go in place of the old book case and the now useless end table. We both agree that putting it together is going to redefine the term “bitch” but it will get done tonight. Then we will clean up the now empty area where the television used to live in preparation for two additional pieces of furniture that will be delivered tomorrow.

Once those items are in place we will have a completely redesigned living room and I will post some pictures. Once that is done we will start working on the kids’ rooms. After that it will be the office. Then our bedroom. Then… we’ll see.

We’re going to have a whole new house.

The Band in Pictures

Jen used my phone to take pictures of our third and final set last Saturday. Today I ran some of them through camera bag, and loaded them onto my computer. I then deleted the originals off of my phone. After that I noticed that many of them needed to be edited to avoid posting pictures of kids onto the web. So some of the camera bag stuff is pretty much blown. Still, here’s what I have along with a couple of unprocessed images. As always, click the images to enlarge them. Everything on my phone ended up on flickr, one way or another. Some of these might be blog post repeats, but you just gotta deal with it, okay? Okay.

First we have my favorite photographer, as well as my favorite person, and just plain favorite everything. My wife, Jen.

Now the only other picture I took. The stage area. Three Les Pauls. Mine, Tim’s, and Steve’s. Beautiful, huh?

This is the only picture I could find that sort of has the four members of the line up I played in who played at the party. Me, Dave the bass player, Jeff the singer/drummer is in the back where you can just barely see him, and Steve the guitar player/host.

I was smiling at my wife when she took this.

I was smiling at my wife for this one too, only much more retardedly.

You can sort of see all four of us in this one but Steve is in the shadows.

I’m not a good singer but I seem to end up doing it a lot.

Jeff is not only an excellent singer but he is absolutely THE KING on drums.

I think Steve set the band record for rock poses.

Gibson Les Paul Custom: Cool enough to make any schlub look good, especially me.

There you have it. If you want a few more you can go here and get your fix.