Ballistic Rask

Do you follow hockey?

Have you heard all the ruckus about Don Cherry badmouthing Alex Ovetchkin for his over the top goal celebrations?

What would Grapes think of Tukka Rask?



I love taking pictures of stuff.

I love looking at pictures of stuff in the sky.

I hate the person who took this picture because he’s awesome and I am not.

Here is the link to the full story.

Here is the source of my jealousy:

The space station with the shuttle docked to it… photographed from the ground. Jerk.

Finally Up to Date

Almost didn’t make it though.

I ordered the Dead Like Me direct to DVD movie, “Life After Death” prior to it’s release on February 17, 2009. Amazon shipped it that day and I had it in my mitts a few days later. I did not, however, actually watch it then. I put it down somewhere in the living room and waited for a good opportunity to sit down with the Soon-to-Be Mrs and watch the foul-mouthed post-mortem goodness.

Last night the time had come. Jenny was feeling very sick, sick enough to stay out of work, and we weren’t going to be doing anything strenuous or requiring thought… so Dead Like Me sounded perfect!

Unfortunately it was also missing in action. I looked where I put it when I took it out of the delivery box… nope. I looked on top of the DVD rack… nope. I looked on the bookcase, where DVDs tend to congregate… nope. Where the hell was it? I needed my Reaper Fix!

Finally I found it. Somehow it had migrated to behind the playstation. How it got there I will never know. Honestly I don’t care. I popped it in to watch it, sat down with dinner while Jen was on the couch looking at real estate listings online, and I watched it.

I’m not good at writing reviews beyond saying it was good or it wasn’t. This wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible though. I expected it to be terrible. No Rube? It’s going to be terrible. It wasn’t funny enough, although there were a few laughs. Too much drama in the dramedy. They wrapped up George and Reggie very nicely. It was nice to see that. It also answered the seemingly unanswerable question, “How do you kill some one who is already dead?” My main beef was that I just couldn’t get behind the new Daisy. She just wasn’t good. I want more Dead Like Me direct to video releases, I just want to the old Daisy back. I’m sure the new actress (I am way to lazy to look up anyone’s names right now) is a nice enough person and all, and I’m sure in the right role she’d be awesome… just not this one, thanks.

I would suggest anyone who likes offensive humor laced with eff-bombs should check out the two seasons worth of Showtime episodes before checking into the movie. The show itself was better, but the movie does fit in pretty well. Even if there is no Rube.

Today we are sick. Jen is much sicker than I am, but we are both under the weather. I hope my sweetie feels better soon. I hate to see her feeling bad. Get well Jenny. I love you!

House Hunting?

We have a couple of friends who are getting into the rental property business. They just bought their second condo.

I have another couple of friends who just put an offer in on a house.

My sister is just about to sell the condo that’s been vacant since she got married in ’07.

They say the way to succeed in any market it to buy low and sell high. Things are definitely low these days, and there seem to be a lot of properties available.

We’ve been casually looking at real estate listings for a while now. The ultra low interest rates coupled with the massive tax credits, plus the reduced cost of homes…

Are we in the market? Are we house hunting?

Something tells me we are.

And I like it.

Tuesday Already

Last night Jen and I met with Fr Flater, the priest who is going to perform our wedding ceremony. We were supposed to go over everything we have chosen for the ceremony, readings and when to do what and so forth. We did all of our prep work with another priest because Fr Flater is technically retired but still does a lot of traveling work.

The meeting turned out to essentially be a waste of time. He asked us a few general things, we answered them, and then he said the specifics will be covered at the rehearsal. Boom. Done.

So what to do then? How about get fat celebrate at the Border Cafe (again). So we drove to my folk’s house and dropped off Jenny’s car and then drove together to tex/mex paradise the Border. We made it into a date night and had a great time hanging out and chatting about everything. We’re just a week or so shy of our second first-date-aversary and we can still just sit and chat. I love that, and I love Jen.

You may have noticed that I have now twice annoyed the piss out of you struck out text in this post. You can indirectly thank twitter for that. I checked out the top 10 twitter trends this morning and one of them was “Rare HTML Tags You”. I clicked on it to see what it was referring to and saw a mountain of tweets and retweets referencing an article called 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know. There I learned about the ins and del tags. I’d just the other day been wondering how to strike through text in HTML. (really… I was… honestly) and twitter lead me to the solution. Del tags. Very cool.

Another twitter top trend was an article called The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter. I’ll have to peruse that sucker as well.

This morning I got up at 5:30 and did a little more recording. Lame song #5 is now completely tracked. I had enough time to start working on lame song #6, but that song isn’t really a song, more like a continuous loop of stupidity and I’m not sure where to take it next. It’s going to need more time than the rest of them. Still, five songs done, five to go, and then mixing… which should be painful. Will my album-in-a-month end up as an album-in-two-months or will it stretch out even further? Stay tuned!


This morning on route 495 South there was an accident in the median on the Northbound side. My side of the road had a curiosity delay. Figures, the accident was literally on a different road and we had to stop too.

Or so it seemed.

After the accident the traffic didn’t clear. After less than a quarter of a mile I found out why.


That was fresh too. No emergency vehicles were on the scene yet. There were a lot of people standing around looking at it. It would seem that no one was hurt. That’s good news.

Don’t you hate it when you have those weird black out moments while driving? I don’t mean literally blacking out or anything dangerous like that. I just mean when you are driving along and suddenly ask yourself something like, “where the hell am I?”

I had one of those moments today. I was just wrapped up in the music I was listening too and lost track of where I was. Serious auto pilot. I thought back and could remember most of how I got where I was, but I still cannot for the life of me remember crossing route 117. That’s pretty scary.

Speaking of scary, I found this story on twitter this morning. It seems an online data storage company had major hardware failures that ended up losing over 7000 customer’s worth of data. My question is, if you’re in the backup busines… why don’t you have a backup. Just a thought.

I had a really rough time getting to sleep last night. We went to bed a little late, but it took me a long time after that to doze off. The result was no recording this morning. It also resulted in me being really tired this morning. We had a full weekend.

First on Saturday we hung some wall board at Larry’s. I am not cut out for manual labor. Later we went to The Border Cafe for a big get together with 11 people. We’re so busy now leading up to the wedding that we might not get another chance to spend time with most of our friends until after the honeymoon. This was great.

Yesterday we had my Uncle Johnny’s first anniversary mass. It was brutal. The mass was also celebrated for a group of men returning from some sort of men’s retreat. The holy rolling was almost unbearable. Almost as bad as the group of 50-60 men on the alter singing and clapping on one and three like the worst ever stereotypical soul-less white people.

Afterward we went to my parent’s house with the whole family and had the annual St Patrick’s Day boiled dinner. It was gooood. Salty and goooood. We all hung out for a while and watched the Bruins beat the Devils to clinch the Northeast division and hopefully get off the terrible schnide they’ve been on.

Now it’s Monday and I’m really tired and I have to work.