Road Trip Recap

We started out in San Diego and took rt 163 to rt 8 into the
mountains. We hopped onto rt 79 and saw some dazzling scenery. We
took route 78 to rt S3 which at the time was the most terrifyingly
exilletating winding mountain pass ever. Then we hit S22 and followed
it into the desert. More breathtaking scenery followed. On rt 86 we
saw a huge salt water lake in the middle of the desert. On 10 we
found our way near palm springs before starting our way back on route
74 which quickly became the new scariest most amazingly crazy winding
mountain road ever. This brought us out of the desert. Route 371
brought us to a different stretch of rt 79 before finally reaching
interstate 15 which brought us to Ocean beach in San Diego where we
watched the sun set over the Pacific. Desert, mountains, and ocean…
All in one afternoon.



You won’t belive the sights we’ve been seeing.

We are at an Arco station in Salton Sea, CA, about halfway to
Arizona, and they don’t take credit. Cash or debit only.

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Honeymoon Day Twelve

Pretty much just a scenic driving day on the plate for today. We are
going to head East into the mountains, possibly as far as the desert.

I've never been to a desert before so I don't know exactly what to
expect. The mountains here are very different from those in New
England. They are brown and rocky where at home they are green.