Hancock Tower in Boston

Hancock Tower in Boston
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Okay, one more… again… but this time I mean it.

Of all the pictures I’ve taken since buying my groovy camera, this is the best one. It’s also my favorite of all that don’t include Jen or the kids.


Yeah I know it’s past my bedtime

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Jen is on call tonight. She’s sitting next to me working hard and being an awesome programmer and if I had brain cell one in my head I would model my own job performance after hers.

I just want to stay up and offer some moral support to my sick sweetie. She’s not feeling well and has had a rough couple of days.

So I am doing what I often do these days. Messing with Flickr. My 200 most viewed images to be precise.

I love the sky in this one. We were just minutes away from getting stuck in England in a horrendous torrential downpour.

I had to run to Canada to buy a flag. They were out. I got SOAKED.

I am going to bed now. I love you Jenny.


One year ago today Jen and I were in the back yard and I did something I’d never done before and will never do again. I popped the question. I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me and when she said yes I put a diamond ring on her finger.

Best thing I’ve done in my entire life so far.

A very long and successful engagement, if I do say so myself. It all ends in 10 days though. 10 days from now Jen and I get married. Then that will be the new best thing I’ve done in my life.

Last night we finished the favors. Now we have to do the place cards for the seating, the programs, something else that I’m forgetting (am I?), wrap some gifts, and pack pack pack.

10 days isn’t really a long time, but it seems like an eternity. Hurry up calendar!

Happy Proposalversary Jenny.

Tuesday… 11 days to go

Today is Tuesday. There are 11 days left until the wedding. 10 days left until the vacation which encompasses the wedding and the honeymoon.

Jen called in sick again today. She’s stuffy and achy and not feeling well. She also just got called into a meeting. Huh? What does “out sick” really mean then?

I’m not sick, but I’m probably on my way. (he said whilst popping a vitamin C drop into his gaping maw) I am still really tired. We went to bed a little after 9:00pm last night and I slept well until around 5:00am. That should charge my batteries well enough, but I am still tired and sore, and my nose is beginning to feel a little stuffy.

I just found out my annual review is tomorrow. Kill me now, get it over with. It’s going to be painful. Really painful.

Today is going to suck. Tomorrow is going to suck worse.