More boring…

Last night was the American Hockey League All-Star game. It is the other most boring professional sporting event in the universe. It comes in a close second behind the NHL All-Star game. The only difference is the AHL game is boring for fewer people.

The game was played in Worcester, MA at the DCU center, or the building formerly known as the Centrum. Jen and I talked about going but decided not to as the schedule was a little too tight, and we could better spend that little bit of money on Mac related stuff.

The only interesting thing about the game as far as I can see is a little coincidence. The winning goalie in the NHL game was Boston’s Tim Thomas (also known as “The Man”)… or, the goalie from the team I root for. The winning goalie in the AHL game was Lowell’s Jeff Frazee… or, the goalie from the team I root for. Nice going guys. The AHL game was won by the Planet USA team… they are still sticking to the NHL’s lame ass make-the-all-star-teams-based-on-nationality gimmick. In the NHL it was North America vs. Everyone Else. In the AHL it’s Canada vs. Everyone Else. The PlanetUSA team (aka Everyone Else) scored 9 goals in the third period to win the game 14-11. Yeah, that’s entertaining hockey.

That’s about it for now, but in closing I will once again put up a myflashfetish mp3 player because I love the stupid little buggers. This time it’s in honor of Bill Bruford’s retirement from live performing. I don’t have a lot of his music on this particular computer so we’ll have to go with King Crimson only. Three songs. A live version of “The Great Deceiver” from The Great Deceiver box set, an improv called “Providence” from Red, and a improv called “We’ll Let You Know” from Starless and Bible Black. Again, thanks for the music Bill. Keep ’em coming.


More OS Madness

Jennifer is absolutely brilliant.

She somehow fixed whatever was wrong with my laptop so that we can install Windows on it again. She’s amazing. Thanks Jenny!

But why just reinstall Windows XP? Why not be more creative? I’ve been having fun with Linux for a few days now so I figured I would at least create a partition on the hard drive to allow me to duel boot. As for Windows, sure we could go with XP. That would be the easy thing to do. I am sure has hell not going back to Vista without being dragged into it kicking and screaming. There is another option though… the beta version of Windows 7.

Jen created an install disc, got an activation key, installed a few drivers that would make it possible to load onto my laptop, and installed it. She wiped out the Linux install I’d been using for a couple of days, but that was okay with me.

This machine now has Windows 7 installed. That’s the good news. The bad news is it can’t use the driver for the internal wireless receiver so we can’t get it onto the network just yet. We could, but that would require going into the office where it’s frosty cold. We’d rather stay here in the living room where it’s just plain cold. hehe

So I repartitioned the hard disc using one third for Linux and two thirds for Windows. I reinstalled Ubuntu and was able to connect to the network again. I am typing this post on my Gateway laptop using a Linux OS.

Jen is also going OS nuts on her new MacBook. She has Windows XP installed in the Bootcamp application, which lets you run Windows on your Mac. She also has XP and Windows 7 installed in the Parallels application, which runs a visualization of Windows on your Mac. She is going to install Linux into Parallels too. I was afraid the world would spontaneously combust if we had all three OS’s running in the same house… but she’s going to have all three installed on the same machine.

As Samuel L. Jackson once famously said…

Hang on to your butts.

Monday… urgh

It’s Monday already. No, it couldn’t suck more. The holidays are over and we’re back to nothing but full work weeks. It’s a nightmare!

I managed to get a good nap during the NHL all star game last night. Here’s the highlights. The league’s corporate showcase event was it’s usual boring snore fest. This year the pointlessness was increased by the fan balloting and the four Canadians in the starting line up. We got to see a traditionally pointless affair that showcases the best players around that was turned into a pointless affair that showcased the ordinary players.

The game went to a shootout so the last few minutes of the third was at least mildly interesting. Tim Thomas was in net for the East at the end and he stood on his head… as usual. He is the man after all. Overtime was about the same with the exception of a penalty. The first penalty called in all-star play since 2000. It was called on a Montreal player, of course. The shootout was okay with the only real notable point being that a very undeserving all-star selection, Alex Kovalev, scored the winner and was awarded the MVP. That probably means there won’t be any fan balloting (ballot box stuffing) changes for next year’s game. Yippee.

Complete change of subject……

I was on google reader this morning plowing through the ten thousand or so blogs I subscribe to and I saw an entry from Bill Bruford’s page. He has retired from public performance. No more gigs for Bill. The post is here, but you have to scroll down a ways to read it.

Bill played in some of my all time favorite bands. He was in Yes at the beginning and he played on both of my favorite Yes albums. (Fragile and Close to the Edge) He was in King Crimson on three separate occasions. He did one tour with Genesis in 1976 when Phil Collins became the front man. He played in UK for one record, and had an excellent fusion solo band along with Alan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin. It’s been a long and storied career for Mr. Bruford.

I saw him twice, both with different incarnations of Yes. The first time was in 1989 on the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe, An Evening of Yes Music Plus tour, or whatever they called it. The show was absolutely mesmerizing. The ABWH record wasn’t very good, but the new songs came off well onstage, and the old 70’s Yes songs were unbelievable.

The second time was on the 1991 money grub Union tour where the Euro version of Yes (Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman, and Steve Howe) hooked up for a few months with the US version of Yes (Chris Squire, Alan White, Tony Kaye, and Satan… I mean Trevor Rabin) for a cash grab of a tour. Despite the awful reasons behind the event, the shows were beyond brilliant. (even Trevor Rabin was tolerable… most of the time… especially when he kept himself safely hidden behind Steve Howe’s magnificentness) I saw them at the Worcester Centrum. The show was done in the round with a revolving stage. Band members came and went throughout the show, but the performances were as close to perfect as I’ve ever heard with my own ears. “Close to the Edge” was even better than it had been in ’89. “Awaken” was so amazing I can’t even describe it. The only word that comes close is orgasmic. People were sitting through the whole show, but the tension in the music first had the entire audience leaning forward, then pulling up onto the edge of their seat, and then when the song climaxed everyone fell back with the release. It was brilliant, it was amazing, it was breathtaking, it was incredible.

And now Bill is retired and we won’t ever see anything like that again.

Thanks for the memories Bill Bruford. Keep the music coming. You are one of my all time favorite drummers. I am honored that I got to see you live twice. Thanks

Operating System MishMash and Laptop Fun

Jenny bought her MacBook!

She’s sitting next to me setting up parallels and bootcamp so she can play Warhammer and remote to her office Windows box. How unbelievably cool is that?

Oh and the MacBook kicks 3,652 flavors of ass. Go to an Apple store and play with one.

While she was in the laptop frame of mind she also took it upon herself to try and revive my seriously injured Gateway. The Gateway was running Vista and some how it had a driver get corrupted and it would only run for a couple of minutes (if it booted up at all) before it crashed.

I had tried to install Windows XP over Vista but it couldn’t find the hard disc, which was odd seeing as it could find the disc when it would occasionally actually boot up. I tried to run Linux (Ubuntu) off of a boot disc and it didn’t do anything.

Today, after a couple of hours of failure, Jen passed it off to me. She found out just about everything that was happening because she is a friggin’ Windows GENIUS. A MASTER. A GURU in the extreme.

I gave up after five minutes and decided to give Linux another shot. This time I just installed it and set up the partition at 100% of the disc. Lo and behold it worked! My Gateway is now running Linux. I struggled a little getting it onto our wireless network, and I am having a bitch of a time getting the f@#$%*g adobe flash plug in to work on Firefox. I got so pissed that I even installed Opera in the hopes that it would have the plug in pre installed. I am currently writting this on my Gateway laptop running Ubuntu and using Opera as my browser. It’s a whole new world.

Of course I am going to blow away Ubuntu tomorrow in an attempt to set this machine up as a duel boot between XP and Ubuntu, just like my desktop. That way I can pretend I am a cool open source type while still being a Microsoft slave.

We are a a couple of computer geek masters and we love it. Now we can be ‘net nerds in every room of the house. We are sooo cool.