Busy wedding prep day

Very busy today.

Lots of wedding on the agenda today, not much time to write any of last night’s events in detail so I will just borrow my morning facebook status:

The kids LOVED Star Trek and I wanna see it again RIGHT NOW! We had dinner in town with Mike and Tammy and hung out in the Public Garden for a while before going to Finale for dessert. Sooo… goooood… Today’s plan is to finish off the last 4-5 wedding prep items (including packing) so that we can relax and enjoy next week.

There, I got a post in today. I might not have another chance.


Dinner with Mike and Tammy.

Star Trek

I am sitting in a Chunky's, eight minutes away from the start of my
second viewing of the new Star Trek. I am on the look out for a
reference to Captain Archer and a randomly placed Tribble.

Live long and prosper, dudes.


Exactly one week to go. (or at least at noon it will be exactly one week)

Today though, lots going on. T-Ball… Star Trek with the kids… Dinner with Mike and Tammy…

Maybe some more packing and planning, but probably not until tomorrow.

Eight Days a Week

If The Beatles song “Eight Days a Week” was calenderily accurate (I made up a new word babie! Dig me!) we would have one week to go.

Eight days. I can count it on my fingers without using my thumbs. So. Close.

Mary the Maid of Honor emailed a link to me and Jen today. Click this link here and scroll down to May 30th. Mother Nature appears to be rooting for us. Thanks!

Last night we started the long and involved process of sorting out clothes to take on the honeymoon. In other words, a laundry blitz is underway in our house.

We have another busy weekend ahead of us but we have scheduled Sunday as the Wedding Stuff Only Day. We will design and print the programs. We will scan in a ton of old pictures of us and load them onto digital picture frames so we can let everyone see how dorky we looked as kids. (There are mullet pictures in the pile. Be Afraid.) We will write out the seating arrangements and the place cards for the reception. We will Pack! All of that will get done on Sunday.

Saturday is a busy one, but mostly a fun time kind of busy. First there is T-Ball in the morning, which is a great way to kick off the weekend. Then we are taking the kids to see Star Trek. Their father might be joining us. It will be geek overload take two. I can’t wait. After the movie Jen and I are going to go out to dinner with Mike and Tammy. A grown up, kid free kind of evening. Should be a lot of fun.

Monday is Memorial Day so we will be going to the obligatory cook out at my parent’s house. We’ll hang with the family and gush over the babies as usual. My nephew has been sick for a few days. I’m hoping he’s better by then so he can come.

Tonight Jen has a hair appointment so my mother will be watching the kids for about an hour until I can get to her house to pick them up. All in all another crazy weekend, but today is the last Friday before the vacation/wedding/honeymoon kicks off next week.

I can’t wait.

I installed a Flickr uploader app onto my phone and took a bunch of evening commute pictures yesterday. I mussed ’em all up in CameraBag and uploaded them. Now I am going to force them on… I mean share them with you.

Traffic in Walden Woods could be described in only one way: Suck

Walden Woods: We don’t need no stinking public access. (the entrance to the park is just a short walk away)

I am a big fan of Concord Center. It’s just a nice quaint little New England scene.

What is it about this building that I like? Pillars maybe? The name “Footstock” maybe?

One more, leaving the center. I tried to get some of the church and the cemetery near the rotary, but the traffic was too tricky to aim the camera. I’ll get a good shot from the car someday.

Apparently the Tour de Freakin’ France was run on Liberty Street on Concord yesterday. Complete with fucktards riding in triple file. I took this while passing them. I was in the left lane. The one asshole you can see who is right on the yellow line was actually in the left lane too. I should have run his stupid dumb ass over. I have no problem with biking, but if I have to share the road with you then you have to share it with me. If I have to drive single file then you have to ride your bicycle single file. I don’t claim to own the road, but you sure as hell don’t own it either.

Monument Street, looking left.

Monument Sreet, looking right.

And finally, my favorite of the whole batch. Jen and I went out to eat at the 99 in Salem, NH last night and I snapped this. My sweetie in monochrome.

That’s it for now. Eight days to go.

Can’t wait!

A New Day

Yesterday was not a good day.

Today I got to drive the kids to school so Jen could get some extra sleep after working late last night. I feel so much better it’s just plain silly.

Nine days left until the wedding. I can count the days on my fingers and have fingers left over. Yeah, that means it’s close… but it still seems so far away.

Still a lot to do, but we’re getting there.

I can’t wait.