Yesterday I started work in one building.  It was not the building that has my desk.  Around lunch time I drove back to my building.  I stopped to get some grub on the way.  I parked in the basement of the garage.  Walked up the stairs.  Walked out into the driveway. Went in through the revolving door.  Walked down the hall. Took the elevator to the top floor. Sat down at my desk. Logged onto my computer.

And realized my glasses were still in the car.

I do so hate being stupid.



The goal with each new trip to New York at this point should be to see at least one thing that we’ve never seen before.  We’ve done most of the big tourist things, but it’s New York… there are probably a billion noteworthy things to do that we haven’t even heard of yet.

Yesterday we went to Chelsea.  We walked through the Chelsea Market and the High Line.  Look them up when you’re there, they are both worth it.

2017-06-17 - New York

2017-06-17 - New York

Why Bother

I started thinking about doing 50/90 this year.  Then I thought, why bother.  It’s never going to come to anything.  I’m never going to use any of it.  I’m just wasting my time, same as everything I do.  I should just give up on all of that shit.  It all just gets in the way.