Sick of This

I am so sick of this shit.

And yeah, we went for a drive in the snowpocalypse, what of it? We are life long New Englanders. Anything less than the Blizzard of ’78 is just a dusting. Stop being such a wuss, ya prick.


Band Practice

I just got home from band practice.  I’m about to eat dinner and then watch the new episode of The Walking Dead.  I’ve got a few minutes to kill so let’s recap the practice, shall we?

I played the 335 through the stay-at-home pedal board into the Deluxe Reverb.  Only the amp was part of my A-list setup.  It felt… weird.  I think there were two reasons.  One, we haven’t practiced in ages and we were all super rusty.  Two, I had ear plugs in and I think they might have been working better than they usually do.  Or worse than they usually do?  I don’t know.  It felt different.  The audio balance seemed off somehow.  My playing was pretty bad, and I kept fiddling with the effects trying to get them to play together nicely.  Did it work?  Not really.  Next time I’ll have the Les Paul and the regular pedal board.  It will sound ace.

We were supposed to be playing three new songs, but we kinda made it four.  Will they make the April set?  I think two of them will.  One was a little bit of a train wreck, and the unplanned song will probably be a one time thing.  I think it’s pretty cool when we stumble upon something that we all sort of know and can spontaneously pull it off.  We’re good like that.

Explore? Really?

I am trying to do the Flickr photo a day challenge… again. On Friday I got home late. It was 11:00 pm and no one was home. I hadn’t taken a pic yet so I grabbed my phone and went looking for the cat. I found her in her usual spot. The lights were off so I turned on the flash and snapped this shit burger…

It made Flickr’s Explore page.

Ummm… okay?